Bogged Finance
Bogged Finance is a dApp containing a set of tools that make it easy for users to trade tokens on many chains. We allow users to view real-time charts, wallet data and pair Information. We also offer innovative DEX Aggregation, Hundreds of thousands of users daily trust Bogged Finance for accurate, reliable information while they’re trading.
Bogged Finance helps you trade more effectively on DeFi.
In addition to the tools, we also provide a limited set of developer tools to help Token Teams build awesome products.

Full Tool Suite

  • BogSwap: DEX Aggregator
  • Launch Sniper
  • Stop Losses
  • Limit Orders
  • Charting and more!

Developer & Token Team Tools

  • Telegram Price Bot
  • Bogged Token List: Token Information Repository
  • Charting Platform
  • Randomness Oracles
  • Scheduler Oracle
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Full Tool Suite
Developer & Token Team Tools