Q: What's the difference between sniping and scanning?

A: Scanning will start sending snipes once the sniper detects the liquidity being added in the mempool. Sniping will start sending transaction in a spam mode, this will waste gas but is good for if you know when the token is launching exactly.

Q: Which liquidity pool should I select?

A: Likely Pancakeswap V2 and BNB, but some tokens launch on BUSD. You'll need to do some sluthing to find out prior to launch. If you get this wrong, make sure you cancel your snipe very quickly after launch or you risk paying too much for tokens on a secondary market.

Q: How much Gwei should I use? A: If you're trying to get in the same block, and you're using a really performant node you can try 5 gwei. Otherwise we recommend using at least 18 gwei.

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