For Token Teams

Token Team Benefits:

  • Simple to use interface to make buying as easy as possible for new users.

  • BogSwap can be embedded directly into your website for free.

  • Your users get the best price while all of your LP pools get utilised, all in one place

  • Linking to BogSwap + BogCharts pages will boost your tokens rankings in Trending Tokens, making it visible to almost 3 million monthly visitors

If you’re a token team leader and would like to find out more about how Bogged Finance and BogSwap can work for you feel free to drop in to our dedicated Token Team Telegram and start a conversation with our team.

Embedding Bogswap

You can embed bogswap into your site to allow users to trade your tokens with ease, helping to increase conversions and reduce friction with our innovative autotax feature for fee-on-transfer tokens.

Customize the parameters and add the HTML code onto your website. You can edit the following parameters:

 <iframe src="" height="780px" width="100%"></iframe>

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