BOG Tokenomics

The BOG Token is deflationary in nature, and is used as the Governance and Payment token for Bogged.

Binance Smart Chain Tokenomics

Max Supply: 15 million. Total Circulating Supply: Under 13.1 million.

Tokenomics: 4% Fee on Swap/Liquidity Event, split into: - 2% to LP Stakers - 1% to Compensation Stakers - 1% Burned. There is no fee for a peer to peer transfer of BOG. BOG is used to unlock and pay for tool access on Bogged.

Contract: 0xB09FE1613fE03E7361319d2a43eDc17422f36B09

Multichain Tokenomics

1% total swap fee, split into:

- 0.25% Treasury - 0.35% Solo Staking - 0.4% LP Staking

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