Making a trade

For this example, we'll be buying some BOG. The token that supports and runs the Bogged Finance platform. But you can buy whatever you want!

  • The wallet should instantly connect, if not, you may need to make sure Metamask is unlocked. Click the metamask icon and enter your password if needed, then try Step 2 again.

  • Now you're connected to Bogged Finance!

  • We're going to Select "Bogged Finacne (BOG)" for this example, but if you want to buy something else, you can select it from our list or if you have the address of the token you can enter it in the textbox above.

Not all tokens are listed in the Token List. To find the address of a more obscure token, you should visit their official website and look for their "Contract Address". It always starts with 0x. You can paste it into the Bogged Finance site to trade it.

  • When you enter the amount you of BNB you wish to sell for the token, it'll automatically show you how much of the other token you'll get.

The "To" amount doesn't factor in any token fees. These are fees added by token creators. Most large tokens have low or no fees, some smaller more obscure tokens can have fees up to 20%.

  • Now press "Swap", if you're happy with the trade.

  • Congratulations, you'll receive your tokens in just a few seconds!

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