Introduction to DeFi Limit Orders on Bogged

The Bogged Platform is the original home of DeFi limit orders, and is currently one of the most innovative limit order providers.

What is a limit order?

A limit order is an order that is placed on an exchange, requesting that an asset is purchased at a specified price. When that price is reached, the order automatically fills. For more detailed information about limit orders, including examples, please see our Academy article.

How do limit orders work on the Bogged platform?

To the end user, limit orders on Bogged are completely seamless and function exactly like they do on centralised cryptocurrency exchanges and traditional stock markets. They are fully automated, and don’t require users to keep software running on their computers. Bogged Limit orders also stay active for up to a year, meaning users with long-term trading goals can truly β€œset and forget” their Bogged Limit orders.

Key Features

  • Bringing CEX-like limit orders to DeFi

  • Easy-to-use β€œSet and Forget” model

  • Fees paid with payment token BOG, profits returned to stakers via the Staking Model

Supported Chains and DEXes

Currently, Bogged limit orders work for virtually any popular DEX on BNB Chain, Avalanche, Cronos and Fantom, with further expansion planned for the near future.

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