BogSwap is the premier DEX Aggregator across many chains. It allows users to route their trades through the best possible set of routes and DEX's for their transaction.

But doesn’t a token always trade at the same price wherever you buy it? How does BogSwap get cheaper trades?

The same token on different DEXes almost always differs in price. One place you can see this is on which lists trading prices on different exchanges.

A few cent difference might not seem like much, but if you trade regularly it can quickly add up to some serious savings! BogSwap supports 10 DeFi chains, and with over 50 DEXes listed you can be sure BogSwap will save you money as a DeFi trader.

Key Features

  • No Additional Fees for using BogSwap

  • Automatically routes trades through multiple DEX’s

  • Simultaneously Automatically accounts for taxed tokens (fee on transfer tokens).

  • Custom Gas

  • Multiple Transactions

More Features

  • Customisable Route Refresh Time.

  • Skip "Loading" animation, allowing you to send more transactions quicker.

  • Friendly Errors, fewer Metamask high gas fees.

  • Essentially 1:1 stable-coin swaps.

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