Command List

Administrator Commands

[ ] : The Required parameter to successfully run the command

  • /register [botID] Register a bot to a group given an ID

  • /unregister Unregister and delete a bot

  • /updatepricemessage [messageText] Update message added to the price

  • /setcommands [commandsID] Create/Update custom commands

  • /deletecommands[command names comma seperated] Deletes custom commands

  • /setslippage [slippage %] Set slippage for price swap link

  • /toggleratelimitresponse [true or false] Enable rate limit response from users' commands

  • /disablepricechart [true or false] Disable chart image on the price command

  • /setuserratelimit [limit number (in seconds)] Set rate limit for users' commands

  • /enableusercommands [command names comma seperated] Enable default commands for users

  • /disableusercommands [command names comma seperated] Disable default commands for users

  • /setcharttype [line or candlestick] Set chart type to line or candlestick

  • /setcharttimeinterval [15m,1hr,4hr,1day] Set chart time interval

  • /editor Get a link to an editor for the price message and custom commands

User Commands

  • /price Get price information about the registered token.

  • /contract Get the token contract address and a link to view it.

  • /chart Get a chart of the tokens price in USD, cached for 2 minutes

  • /info List available bot commands

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