Advanced Customisation

Editing the Bot

You can edit the bot at any time by visiting the edit bot page on Bogged Finance. This will allow you to reconfigure your bot to your specifications and also take advantage of any new features we've launched.

Simply visit that link and make the requested changes, then press the big green button and paste the edit code you get given into your telegram chat.

Adding Buy Alerts

You can add buy (and optionally sell) alerts to your Bogged Bot at any time from the link here.

Adding Custom Commands

You can setup custom commands which can return an image, and or custom message. This can be really helpful for directing people to commonly asked questions about your token. For example, you could setup a /tokenomics command so new users can be sent the tokenomics really quickly.

Simply visit the editor and select "Custom Command", then fill in your command name and select whether you want message content, or images or both!

You can even select multiple images and the bot will return one of them at random, great for a /rolldice or /meme command!

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