FAQs and Troubleshooting

How does a Bogged DeFi Limit Order work?

When you approve and set a Bogged Limit Order, our systems immediately begin monitoring the price of the token you want to buy/sell. No funds leave your wallet until the target price is reached, which is when Bogged executes the trade from within your wallet.

What Chains and DEXes do Bogged limit orders work on?

Currently, Bogged limit orders work on BNB Chain, Avalanche, Cronos and Fantom, with further expansion planned for the near future. They can be placed on tokens listed on almost every popular DEX on these chains.

Are Bogged Limit Orders safe?

With one of the highest volumes of orders placed by any DeFi Limit Order platform, Bogged has become a trusted platform for hundreds of thousands of traders. Fund safety is obviously our highest concern, and we take many serious steps to ensure we the platform and its users remain secure.

The Bogged Limit order platform only has access to the funds you intend on trading, and in the rare case of failure, all original funds will remain secure. Once an order is filled or cancelled, Bogged no longer has access to a user's funds, unless there are other pending orders.

Why didn't my order fill?

Failed orders are a rare occurrence, but they can happen due to external factors outside of Bogged's control. You should be able to view the reason the order failed in the “my orders'' section.

If you require further help with a Limit Order, please contact us using the chat bubble on app.bogged.finance

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