Setup - Basic

Setting up the Bogged Bot

If you're not there already, visit the Bot Creation site here.

Select Your Token

Begin by choosing the appropriate chain, and entering your token address into the input field.

Customize Your Bot

1. Choose the properties that you would like visible in your price message.

2. (Optional) Enter a custom message that will appear below your enabled price information. This is a good place to describe your project, or add links to your website.

3. (Optional) If it makes sense for your project, you have the option to add up to 5 wallet addresses and display their holdings for a particular token. This can be very useful to show the value of a charity wallet, total buybacks, among other things. This information will be grouped together with the other price information.

4. Next you can choose how you would like your chart to be displayed, either candlestick or line.

The Chart Time Interval is how much time a single point on the chart represents. The higher the interval, the more time the chart will show. Optionally you can disable the chart completely.

5. (Optional) If you don't want your group members to spam the bot with price commands, you can increase the rate limit.

By default it's set to 5 seconds, meaning commands will only activate if they are 5 seconds apart.

If you'd like to be notified when you are rate-limited, enable the Rate Limit Response.

6. Finally, you can choose to disable certain commands for users of your group, while still allowing them for Admins.

Telegram Preview

This preview is almost an exact view of what you can expect in your Telegram group. Fine tune the settings that you chose above to get the preview looking exactly how you want.

Note: If your are on desktop the Telegram Preview is visible throughout the creation process. On Mobile, it is visible at the very end of the page.

Create Bot

If you are happy with all of the settings you've chosen, it's now time to click the green Create Bot button. Doing so will take you to a new page with a special code. Note: If at this point your button is greyed out and disabled, this means you have not selected a valid token. Try going back here to double check.

Add The Bot To Your Group

You should now be on the bot creation success page. Here you will see a list of steps you need to complete to finish bot registration.

1. Start by adding @BoggedBot to your telegram group .

2. Next on the website, click the registration code to copy it your clipboard. Paste it into Telegram and send it to the group that you just added the bot too. Note: You must be an Admin of your group to successfully send this command. Being an Anonymous Admin WILL NOT WORK!

Set It As Administrator

To ensure that none of BoggedBot's commands interfere with other bots in your group (Combot, Rose, etc.) it is HIGHLY recommended that you set @BoggedBot as an admin. This will ensure every command you send to it will be answered loud and clear.


You've now successfully created your very own personalized BoggedBot and added it to your group. If you'd like to learn more about features like Buy Alerts, Custom Commands, or just simply make some Updates to your options, check out the Advanced Customization section of our docs.

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