BogCharts Honeypot Detection FAQ

Help, I'm getting a honeypot warning on my token!?

Our honeypot detection automatically checks if holders of your token can sell their token. It checks in realtime, so that if a honeypot is activated later, it will instantly show the warning.

If your token is intentionally preventing buyers from selling then there's nothing we can do to help you, the feature is working as intended.

We don't disclose the exact method, but put simply, we simulate sells from a random sample of your top holders. If any of these simulated sells don't work as they should, then we flag the token as a potential honeypot.

If your token complies with the ERC20 standard you will never experience this issue.

If the token is currently locked and not trading, then the feature is working as intended and the warning will automatically be removed once trading resumes.

If you believe there is a reason we should remove the warning despite this page, please contact our token teams support at We may choose to remove the warning, change the warning, or leave it as-is; our decisions are final.

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